12 simple steps to good health

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has published a list of recommendations on how to improve your health.

The most important thing in life is our health. Feeling in harmony with our own body and the world around us, we are in a good mood, friendly to others and satisfied with ourselves. Bad habits, constant stress and poor nutrition destroy human health.

Each of us should think every day about whether we take proper care of our body. The list of recommendations from the Ministry of Health will help you better understand what is good for your health, what destroys it, what foods to eat and how to improve your fitness.

1. Choose your food carefully.

Dishes from plant products will help you feel easy, but at the same time full of energy and strength;

2. Prefer bran bread.It is also useful to eat pasta from hard varieties, cereals and cereals. These foods contain complex carbohydrates that our body needs twice a day;

3. Vegetables and fruits are the best savers from hunger. They perfectly complement any dish. However, keep in mind that they should be consumed no more than 400 g per day;

4. Exercise, exercise in the morning, expose your body to at least minimal exercise and run. Keeping your body toned will help you strengthen your muscles, lose weight, speed up your metabolism, and become more responsible for yourself and your health.

5. Do not abuse saturated fats. Excessive consumption of saturated fats has a negative effect on your body and causes obesity, so their consumption should be reduced. Try to buy low-fat dairy products, and do not allow yourself to often enjoy fatty meat dishes;

6. A dish of fresh fish is a great idea for a healthy dinner. Cook fish, eat more legumes and avocados, because it is delicious and extremely useful

7. Olive oil is an important element of your menu. The Ministry of Health recommends using olive oil to season your meals. It has beneficial and healing properties for your health;

8. Sweets - no! Licorice should reduce the consumption of sweets, especially sugary drinks. A glass of water and a plate of summer fruit will be great substitutes and make you feel better;

9. Proper salt intake. Salt makes the taste of the dish more expressive and perfect. However, keep in mind that salt intake should not be more than one tablespoon per day;

10. Bad habits cause problems in your body. Excessive alcohol consumption immediately affects your heart and liver. Take care of yourself and stay healthy;

11. Fry or bake? The Ministry of Health advises to cook or steam dishes. In this way, the food is delicious and brings only useful value to your body;

12. Advice for mothers who are feeding their newborn babies. Do not deny your baby breastfeeding until he is six months old;

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be everyone's goal. Be active, eat right, love yourself and your body - and you will be able to feel healthier and happier.