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6 Healthy Tips

6 healthy tips

Being a salary man is also good in many ways. In addition to income, of course, welfare, but with many workloads May cause unknowable disease. Here are 6 tips for salaryman. For efficient and healthy work


Good working posture

Sitting and working on a table almost all day Correct posture is the most important. A good sitting position. The hips must be perpendicular to the hind legs straight, feet do not float off the floor. If having to sit and type To put your hand correctly is that the elbow is perpendicular and should not be lifted. The computer screen is at eye level 12-18 inches away.


Take some rest

Don't be so caught up in the job that you won't get up. Have to find some time to rest Should arrange brakes, drink water, go to the bathroom, walk, stretch the muscles every 1-2 hours


If having to stare at the computer screen Should rest your eyes every 20 minutes, look somewhere else To relax the eye muscles, take a break and rest using the fingers to type


Have to attend work, finish work for a time At lunch time, immediately stop working, turn off the computer, go out to eat and rest. When returning home, should not carry the work to do again. And should find some time for a relaxing vacation


Eat healthy food on time.

The body and brain need energy for work. If loving health should focus The freshness of the raw materials, non-toxic, food should not be over-processed. Should choose foods that are more useful than delicious As for junk food, if not really needed Can be avoided. In addition, should eat food on time And do not eat food after 6 pm, which will help prevent acid reflux.


Exercise regularly

Should find time to exercise at least 3 times a week Because besides helping to burn the excess food and fat that is stored in the form of belly fat Also helps to warm up the circulatory system, including blood, lymph, heart, lungs work better. Ready to continue working While also stretching the muscles to be strong Walk well Not deteriorate


Quality sleep

Don't think that resting for 6-8 hours is enough. Because sleep quality is more important The brain must be light and comfortable. Didn't dream about so much that he didn't sleep


If you want to sleep deep, then have to arrange the environment properly so that light, sound, smell will not disturb sleep. Do not eat heavy food before going to bed for 2 hours, do not exercise for 3 hours before going to bed because it will cause insomnia


Should not drink caffeine and alcohol before bed Stop playing IT equipment 30 minutes before going to bed, but should use this time to calm the mind ready to go to bed. May listen to soft music, read a book, or meditate And should go to bed Wake up for the body to get used to


Create a good environment

Want to work efficiently, feel refreshed, brain clear, think work fluently The work environment is also important. Should plant trees Look green Feeling relaxed Or add a fish tank to revitalize the office, not less good Especially if you have a glass window to look outside Because you can rest your eyes and look and enjoy


If the salaryman like us Doing this can help you work happily, both physically and mentally.


As said by former Ralph Marston American footballer, "Rest when tired. Refresh yourself, body, mind and soul before going back to work. "

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