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7 tips for a healthy life just before spring

7 tips for a healthy life just before spring

Today at night, Israel is switching to daylight saving time and that makes us quite happy. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting hotter, the mood is improving and many of us are slowly recovering after a long winter hibernation. Here are some tips you should adopt right now before temperatures skyrocket

 After the long winter hibernation, it's time to shed your sleep and pounds, and get back into springtime. We've compiled a list of ten things you can do right now to be ready for the season's most worthwhile calendar:

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Mark yourself a new goal
Each of us told himself at what stage he was going to take himself by the hands and start exercising / dieting or spending more time with friends and family, only to find ourselves after a week again laying on the couch with bamboo crumbs on his shirt.

The weather can actually be an incentive, also change unhealthy dietary habits and you should try to get into a sports routine that you are committed to. Try to set small, non-bombastic targets so you can meet them: it can be 2-3 pounds you die to get rid of, longer walks with the dog, start some sports you've been building for months or even start using stairs instead of the elevator. Anything that will make you move.


You will even start stretching
After months of rain and cold that you can hardly get out of the house, probably to run or exercise, your muscles and joints may be a little rusty. If you suffer from back pain or joint pain, all you need is just a good stretch every morning.

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 Hold for a few seconds and then bend your body from the waist area and stretch your hands towards the floor and hold for a few seconds. You can then slowly bend forward with one foot, stay in position and then repeat it with the other leg.

Start moving
We are left with exercise, and this time it is for all of you who don't have the time or desire to get out of the house to do some sports. Exercising, even relieving them, will help you strengthen your muscles and bones, and help your body function better overall. The weather makes the outdoor activity much more enjoyable and your energies will slowly return with warming.

Even for those who less like running on the boardwalk or who prefer no one to see - no need to lift weights or do some hard workouts in the gym, try one of the seven minutes on the internet at home, or even get off the couch and sit down 50 times. Everything that will make you move.

Put smoothies on the menu
As the weather gets warmer, your craving for cold drinks increases, and there's nothing like a smoothie to add vitamins and minerals to your diet and replace your morning coffee or tea. Try to incorporate green leafy smoothies packed with minerals and vitamins, chia seeds and even nuts. If you add half an apple or lemon shake - the flavors will be more delicate.

Breathe in moderation
When it is cold outside and the nights are long you have a little more legitimacy to snack on more sweet and savory snacks packed with calories, fats and salt. As the weather warms, try replacing unhealthy snacks with more nutritious foods such as nuts and almonds containing healthy fats, vitamins and minerals and maintaining heart and brain health.

Take advantage of the mornings
As the days get longer and there is more light outside, you should take advantage of the warming mornings to start your day in a positive and energy-filled way. You don't have to get up at five in the morning and go for a run (although it doesn't hurt), you can take even ten minutes and instead of staring on Instagram or Facebook, meditating briefly, breathing or even doing short stretches. You won't believe how much it will improve you all day.


Drink more water - preferably lukewarm
During the winter many of us drink little and rely mostly on coffee cups at work to bring fluids into the body. Now is the time to add more water to your day, and they don't necessarily have to be cold.
Water encourages metabolism, so it helps you lose weight, they cleanse your body of toxins accumulated in the kidneys and intestines, and are good for your skin and make it glow more. Try to drink eight glasses of water a day, preferably not at mealtime.

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