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Effective Curriculum: Each Lesson Contains Lectures Good physical fitness is an important factor in a successful birth. Gymnastics, which is included in a special program for pregnant women, makes it much easier. An exercise system can help you achieve positive results.

In our club, every woman has an independent approach to preparing for future births. What are the benefits of fitness? Fitness is just as beneficial as regular exercise. It's a great way to lose weight after childbirth and look good during pregnancy.

You must be involved in the physical activity of pregnant women.
First, the exercises are chosen to work all the muscle groups of the future mother.
 The exercise complex includes special exercises for the chest, which contribute to proper breastfeeding after birth.
During the course, women will learn the rules of dynamic self-massage of the back and lower back. The exercise system includes elements of yoga and Arabic dance, which help strengthen the pelvic and perineal muscles of a pregnant woman.
 Fitness for pregnant women teaches proper rest. During pregnancy disorders

 (increased uterine tone, edema in pregnant women),

fitness classes can help reduce the negative effects of pregnancy. Exercise helps to reduce vasodilation and reduce swelling and stretch marks on a pregnant woman's hips and abdomen.

The special feature of our club is that it is systematic and comprehensive.
Therefore, in order to achieve results, we pay attention not only to physical activity, but also to the development of a pregnant woman's nutrition plan. The choice of diet, exercise and exercise package for a pregnant woman should be based on the doctor's advice and the health status of the pregnant woman. In total, our club has developed more than a dozen different programs for classes for pregnant women.

 All programs include different levels of workload and individual \ u200b \ u200b attitudes toward food. The fitness club for pregnant women is staffed by highly qualified professionals. Gymnastics for pregnant women brings good results not only for the mother but also for the baby.

 Therefore, the advice of a doctor and information about the well-being of the unborn baby are important for our specialists to determine the correct load.

All classes for pregnant women are taught by specialists in obstetrics and gynecology. A special complex is developed taking into account all the features of the \ u200b \ u200b body of a woman who is weakened during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother feels beautiful, healthy and strong, the positive impulses are passed on to the baby. Therefore, exercise for pregnant women is a treatment that stimulates the unborn child.

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