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Get up at five in the morning and feel depressed at seven

Evaluate your health


1. Get up at five in the morning and feel depressed at seven Does it work or not?


This is a manifestation of long-term lack of exercise and excessive fatigue of the body caused by prolonged sitting. If people who sit for long periods of time exercise regularly, their fatigue will be much easier than for those who do not exercise. Exercise at least five times a

week, about half an hour at a time. Get up every 40 minutes at work and do five to ten minutes of exercise.



2. Does it feel as if your waist has been torn when you lift a bottle weighing three kilograms separately with both hands?


This movement can be used to assess whether important muscle groups such as the shoulders, back, chest, and knees have met the standard. People with muscle weakness are more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and even depression and dementia. Muscle strengthening exercises can be done with heavy equipment such as dumbbells. It is best to continue 20 to 25 times per group, five to seven times a week.


3. Does the heart beat faster when you stand up and jump 10 times?


This is an important criterion for controlling heart rate and cardiovascular health. If you don’t feel like you’re having a heart attack, your heart rate is accelerating, and you’re in a state of panic, you can usually improve by exercising a lot. For example, combining fast and slow running can effectively increase endurance and protect the heart.


4. Does it feel uncomfortable when the body bends to get the toenails?


If you feel like stretching, pay attention to your joints and bones, and beware of diseases such as rheumatism and osteoporosis. If both feet are straight, if you do not lift your hands to the tips of your feet, this may be related to the degree of atherosclerosis, which may be a sign of heart disease. So this situation can be improved by doing stretching exercises for about five minutes a day.


5. Can I bend my legs back and touch my hips?


This is a method that tests the flexibility of the body, which explains why the flexibility and strength of the body is not required if it is difficult to work with.



6. Can I bend my body back and forth without pairing my feet?


This exercise tests the body’s central muscle strength and flexibility. If it is difficult to work, and the waist is often twisted, the lumbar muscles and joints can be strengthened. It has the effect of preventing chronic lumbar muscle fatigue, lumbar spine growth, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, rheumatic lumbar pain, and sitting nerve pain.



7. When boarding a plane or train, can the suitcase be left alone in the luggage compartment?


This movement tests the strength of the back and legs. People with low back pain are more likely to develop chronic low back pain. Walking back increases the strength of the lumbar spine muscle and increases the stability and flexibility of the lumbar spine. Increases the metabolism of the lumbar tissue and relieves back pain.


8. Is it difficult to lift heavy objects and climb stairs?


This strength is a test of cardiovascular endurance and balance. If you experience shortness of breath and difficulty walking several steps on the stairs, it can explain that your lung function is about 50% worse than that of normal people.


9. Can you breathe as soon as you play fast rhythm for 10 minutes?


This problem reflects the muscle strength of the body and the function of the heart and lungs. It is effective if you continue to exercise for 10 to 15 minutes a day to better train your heart and lung function and create beautiful muscles. Experiments have shown that this is more effective than running alone for an hour on a treadmill. Experts point out that beating gymnastics, short-distance running, etc. completely burns fat, builds muscle lines, increases muscle strength and improves cardiovascular function. Also, it is not possible to do high-intensity activities because the elderly are prone to osteoporosis, muscle cramps, osteoporosis, and arthritis.


10. Do you feel tired if you walk for half an hour in a row?


Walking is related to many body instructions. Walking for at least 20 minutes a day helps burn fat, maintains body shape, relaxes the mind and keeps the mind focused, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar.

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