Gosh! Over 20 Health Tips For Women, Let Us Practice Outdoors and Inner Health

As a woman, internal and external care is very important. If any acne goes up, it's not even home for a day, right? In addition, women are also very sensitive to their surroundings and desire to know the tips on body health. But don't be mistaken because a lot of the tips you read may not be exactly what they say. If you want to know the right health tips, you can read the list below!

1. Women are not allowed to pull heavy things but must refuse. Also avoid heavy items. This is because the female nerve veins are weak.

2. A 50-step path to repair your bones. Up 20 steps to improve your knee bone.

3. Coffee is not recommended for women, as it can cause osteoporosis and accelerate monopause.

4. Boil 10 bay leaves with 2 cups of water, drink daily for 12 days to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.
5. The cause of high blood pressure is calcium deficiency. Watermelon is a source of calcium. Yellow watermelon is recommended.

6. 4 pieces of pear + strawberry juice increases your body's endurance.

7. Black wine strengthens the heart, green wine slows the body, red wine widens the blood vessels to prevent clogging. It acts as an anti-cholesterol.

8. Yellow pumpkin is good for improving the memory of children, eaten by pregnant women better. For adult males, pumpkin is useful for producing quality sperm.
9. Bananas for frequent cramps and diarrhea.

10. The mangosteen is best for the bones.

11. Peppers cure diabetes, bone pain and anti-cancer.
12. Apple + beans in juices can be pancreatic / diabetic.

13. Eat green vegetables during the day, acting as an anti-stroke.

14. Vegetables make sure protein does not become cancerous.

15. Vegetables ensure carbohydrates do not become diabetes.

01. Eating before bed can cause gastric cancer because the intestines cannot rest.

02. Eat only 4 eggs a week. If not better.

03. Chicken breasts contain carcinogens, the cause of cancer. Don't eat chicken legs.

04. Eat fruit should be before eating, not after eating.

05. Menstrual periods do not drink tea more green tea, it is advisable to eat something that can increase blood.

06. Drink peanut butter and do not add eggs and sugar to your drink.

07. Eat tomatoes during or after a meal. Don't have an empty stomach.

08. Every morning waking up to drink a glass of white water can prevent bile stones. Two glasses to activate the internal organs.

09. Three hours before bedtime may not be good.
10. Do not drink milk tea or (tea / buble tea) as it is high in calories high in fat and can cause high blood pressure & diabetes.

11. Don't eat fresh bread out of the oven or oven.

12. Charger should not be near the bed, must be 30 cm more.

13. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily can help prevent bladder disease.
14. Daytime needs to drink a lot of white water, nighttime needs to drink a lot of white water.

15. Drink more than one cup of coffee a day, which can cause insomnia, which is difficult to sleep and gastric.

16. Do not eat high fat foods as it takes 5-7 hours of digestion, resulting in blood central to digestion and resulting in drowsiness due to lack of oxygen.
17. After 5pm, do not eat too much because our body does not need many calories.

18. 10 types of healthy foods:
Deep sea fish, bananas, citrus fruits, whole wheat bread, spinach, garlic, pumpkin, low-fat milk, chicken, cherries.