Health: 30 + Valuable tips for iron health

  Our health is mostly given by what we eat
Discover the 13 Killer foods, the 12 Super foods and the right habits that can give you iron health.
 If you are attentive to your well-being, you will certainly like this post.
In fact, it lists many Precious Tips for getting back into shape with a healthy and natural diet together with some attitudes and precautions useful for maintaining health and well-being.

    Health is like happiness, when you don't miss it ..


In this category I have already written reviews of books and products suitable for personal well-being and regarding natural nutrition I have posted various resources including this one, which talks about the relationship we have with Nature, this which describes a long research on nutrition and others I'm still here and here. Something is still missing ..

I am increasingly convinced that we all pay a salty account that the two largest industries (for turnover ... and nothing else) offer us on the market. Food that sickens us in many ways, I am not only talking about fast food but also about many things that we have in the fridge at home and which we believe to be harmless ...

It is the Pharmaceutical one that makes us believe to cure the disease, often caused by what we eat, but in reality it only alleviates the symptoms by taking advantage of the placebo effect on the drug that has contraindications written more and more small and similar to the clauses of an insurance contract ...... therefore ..

The opportunity to gather in a single post most of the information about the health that derives from what we eat as well as from how we think as I usually do, is too strong not to grasp also because it arrived simply and directly on the email. a signal that nothing happens by chance ... :)

I received this email below full of health advice from Science and Knowledge, an online magazine written by MacroLibrarsi, one of the main Authorities in the Edition and Dissemination of the culture of Wellness, from which I purchased and took news and resources that you find published on blog ... ..

how could I avoid sharing this resource? ... practically impossible ..

I convinced him to do something pleasing to you who read, to me what place and to the direction of Science and Knowledge that I believe does not disdain further advertising on their products and services.

What you are about to read is a condensation of various books and DVDs that deal with Health and living well in a conscious way ...

I literally report:

Dear friend, dear friend,

have you ever wondered why diseases such as obesity, diabetes, degenerative pathologies, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, arthrosis, intolerances and allergies, tooth decay, water retention, circulatory problems, imperfect vision, skin rashes, constipation, diverticulitis are continuously increasing?

Let's face it .. isn't it inviting? ..

If you suffer from one of these pathologies or if you have acquaintances or friends who are affected, continue reading this newsletter because I will reveal to you:

    what are the 13 killer foods you need to avoid;
    the 12 families of foods that are very beneficial for your health;
    the 5 attitudes that keep healthy;
    the self-observation method for learning to recognize good health indices
    a selection of books on good and tasty nutrition that makes you lose weight and protects you from disease.

13 killer foods

These are the foods you need to eliminate from your diet as they are absolutely harmful to health.
Here they are:

    refined sugar: calcium thief, highly acidifying. Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer;
    melted cheese and cheeses: the worst of dairy products cause allergies, asthma, obesity;
    mortadella, cotechino and frankfurters: the worst of sausages. They favor cholesterol, triglycerides, obesity;
    refined flour 00: diabetes, obesity, intolerances;
    industrial snacks: obesity and diabetes;
    broth nut (monosodium glutamate), margarines and industrial oils: saturated, hydrogenated and trans fats;
    industrial refined salt: hypertension;
    spirits: damage to the liver and heart;
    aspartame: turns into methanol and formaldehyde;