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If you are sick, it can cost a lot of money depending on the illness, so it's best to take good care of yourself. Also, it is very important to save a little of your income for unexpected health problems.


There are some private health insurance companies. But because of the high prices, only a few people are insured. Myanmar is a cash-based economy, so you pay with cash when you go to the hospital. This is why you need to save up for unforeseen health problems


Access to affordable health care at government hospitals and rural clinics. The cost of treatment, including some drugs, is free, but the cost of treatment is lower. You may have to buy medicines that are not in the hospital. Due to the large number of patients in public hospitals, they had to wait a long time for treatment. Health care facilities in rural areas; Human resources cannot cover all areas.


How to reduce health care costs?

It is important that you have a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce health costs. To benefit from this, you must change your lifestyle. The traditional Burmese diet is rich in fat and fat. Oil content is high; produce, There is very little consumption of fruits and dairy products. This traditional Burmese diet can cause health problems. By eating a healthy diet and getting enough physical activity you can avoid unwanted health problems.


There is no need to pay or pay for a visit to a government hospital. Government health care is a low cost option that will cost you less.


At this time, many people in Myanmar do not know much about health insurance. In the future, when insurance companies compete with their insurance systems, you will have insurance policies that you can buy. Health insurance can be one of the ways to cover your health expenses.

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