Fear of public speaking? 5 tips to calm down


AHH! So he gives a speech and is afraid to speak in public (Glossophobia)! Do not be discouraged. Almost everyone I know has these concerns in society. Here are 5 tips for how to calm down before you speak.
1. Map your language

If you're a visual person, draw a chart and have lines and symbols to "clear" your topic. There is no perfect way to do this, but it helps you understand where you are going with your language and how to use it.
Learn your language in different locations, different physical conditions and at different times of the day

Being able to give your presentation in these different ways makes you flexible and ready for the big day. The best thing to do is to be flexible. If you practice your language regularly at the same time, in the same way, then the mindset will begin to associate your language with these values. They should be able to give your presentation in any form.
Nigel practices his speech to calm his mind!
Take a look at some suggestions

If you can't make a suggestion, watch the other players on YouTube. Look at the way they present their language, the technology they use, how their presentation is organized, and their permission.

Next, report yourself.

This may be crazy to look back on, especially if you're afraid to speak in public, but it gives you a good idea of ​​what it looks like and how to improve it. You probably don't realize that you say, "ummm," "erh," "ah," a lot. This is where you can brag!
Barack Obama shows us how to get rid of our anxieties in public. * Obama mic drop *
4. Health in general

This may seem obvious and helpful to anyone - but being physically fit makes you more prepared. Working out the day of your presentation will provide you with endorphins that will help you maintain a good memory. Eat a hearty breakfast to keep your mind strong. In the meantime, avoid the first night of drinking because it discourages you. - Drink plenty of water and you're good to go. Watch your fear of public speaking diminish quickly!
Hydrate or Die-Drate
5. If given the opportunity - go to your destination

Get a good sense of the environment. Sit in the back seat and watch what the audience sees. Talk to technical people, recipients, and especially those who attend a party. Making these connections of your own will calm your mind because you will know your audience and why they are happy to hear you speak.

You will establish human-to-community relationships - so there is a tendency to help you in times of need (production doesn't work, mic runs out, etc.). Ask them if you are too talkative or too quiet. Take the time to practice with your pictures several times and learn about the technology provided. This will be your greatest asset to keep the peace.