Not only in times of Corona: health tips and services


There has probably never been so much talk and writing about hand washing and hygiene as in the past few weeks. There are also other tips for health and the immune system that are not only valid, but especially in times of Corona: For example, how to strengthen your immune system or how to keep your back fit despite your home office. We have summarized some tips and specific links for services and materials for you:

For a strong immune system

Our body's defenses protect us from harmful influences and pathogens with a sophisticated system. Central components of the body's defense are the white blood cells (lymphocytes), which fight pathogens, and the lymphatic system. The immune system is a system that is constantly learning, practically training itself. And this training can be supported, for example by changing showers and lots of fresh air. Sufficient sleep also promotes the formation of immune cells.

Fit - even without a gym

Exercise and fitness are also important for a strong immune system - but what to do if the gym is closed and team sports are currently not possible? Fortunately, thanks to today's technical possibilities, this is no longer a problem: There are numerous fitness apps and instructions for working out in your own 4 walls that are really fun! Especially those who work a lot from their home office quickly notice that the work place at the kitchen table and with a small screen can lead to tension in the back and neck. Here it is important to ensure a healthy balance and strengthen the back:

The back school app

The “Back School” smartphone app shows 24 easy-to-learn exercises for a strong back that can be carried out anywhere. The respective exercises are clearly explained by a physiotherapist on video.

Nutrition and immune system

Of course, nutrition also plays an important role when it comes to supporting the immune system. If you want to know how your vitamin balance is doing, you can find a vitamin self-test here.

The ratiopharm vitamin test

Find out in our self-test what your personal vitamin balance is and get tips and suggestions for a sensible nutritional supplement.

In general, if you keep fit, have a balanced and vitamin-rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and drink at least two liters a day, you are not only doing something good for your body. It also has a positive effect on the overall mood if you do something good - and we can all use that especially well! And if you want an overview of which foods contain which vitamins and nutrients, you can order our free practical vitamin compass here.