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Health tips for office workers 4

Health tips for office workers 4



Office workers often spend eight hours a day in the office. These office workers need to make the office environment healthy. In addition, separate efforts are needed to take care of health. Here are four health maintenance practices you can practice in your office.

1. To stop Turtle Neck Syndrome

If you look down at the monitor for a long time, your neck may bend forward like a turtle. Turtle Neck Syndrome is a symptom in which the alignment of the neck changes to a straight shape as the muscles around the neck harden.

The normal neck is a concave C-shape, while the turtle neck is straightened and does not distribute the weight of the head. The nape of the neck becomes stiff, and symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain and severe migraine or dizziness may occur.

Prof. Jin-Man Jeon, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kyunghee University Hospital, said, “It is recommended that the monitor be positioned high enough to match the eye level.” When the waist and chest are straightened, the neck is naturally C-shaped. I have to straighten my chest. ”

2. To prevent dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a disease in which tears are not properly formed due to a decrease in the function of the tear glands. Office workers have a lot of time to stay indoors, and the moisture in the air evaporates due to heating, and dry eye syndrome is likely to occur.

Clean indoor air is essential for eye health. Indoor temperature is 18 ~ 22 degrees, humidity is over 60% and it is good to drink water at any time. Artificial tears can also help.

Professor Kim Eung-suk of the department of ophthalmology at Kyunghee University Hospital said, "Temporary dry eye syndrome can be improved with lifestyle improvement and artificial tears." .

3. To keep your wrist healthy

Wrists with a lot of computer work should watch their wrists. If you use the mouse for a long time, your wrist will be jerky and painful. Once a pain occurs, recovery is not easy.

Proper rest can help with wrist health and concentration. "When using a mouse, you should keep your hands and wrists in a straight line and use a cushion or wrist strap to reduce the burden," said Professor Baek Jong-hun of Orthopedic Surgery at Kyunghee University Hospital.

4. To prevent varicose veins

Most office workers spend more than 8 hours a day sitting on chairs. If you stay in one position for a long time, there is a problem with blood circulation.

If blood circulation is not smooth, visible symptoms begin to appear, and one of the most problematic areas is the varicose veins on the legs. In the lower veins, the vein of the calf is abnormally serpentine and protrudes outward.

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