The importance of water. Health tips on vacation (by Nicola Simonetti) Preparations for next summer are already underway. Reservations, travel tips, home, boat trips, friends will be part of the process.
In the vast majority of "related" articles, health care and tools for its prevention and treatment are not available.


A self-medication product is essential to deal with any minor obstacles and obstacles related to the "new" life we have to deal with. That they do not serve is superstition and desire but not trust in the law. Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, lactic ferments, laxatives, painkillers, eye drops and anything that may be relevant in terms of our physical health, the place of the chosen destination, the methods used to reduce it. Preferred / treated for yourself from sunburn and erythema, nausea, vomiting from a life-threatening illness (motor vehicle, etc.), animal or insect bites, small bowel (hematomas, sores, small wounds, causes, causes, causes, malnutrition, bloating, diarrhea, sleep apnea, headache, touch, fever, various pain, and more

. Whether oils and emollients reduce inflammation and confusion if there is sunburn and antihistamine and local anesthetics or animals or jellyfish stings. To combat intimate problems, anesthetic, lavender and antifungal creams can be used, which is also useful for mycoses that remove it. Fighting infected ears, anti-ear infections and anti-inflammatories about pain helps.
The remedy may not be available, without the same name, characteristics, dosages, and more. To know how to use it, bodies should not overdo, by contrast, any interference with other drugs or foods or beverages that must be known before departure.

This shows, which the doctor or doctor will be able to give us. So commitment (elimination or cure) is with us. It can be purchased without prescription (but regular dermatology advice) compared to the presence, in packages, of the "red dot that is fun". The important thing, though, is the drinking water. "Health comes from drinking".

Water is a major part of the human body and a great vehicle for the vital functions of our body. Proper hydration According to a study by Asosalute (National Association of Self-Medication Drugs part of Federchimica) Italy usually consumes about 1 liter and a half daily, according to expert reports and, although about one body acknowledges not to drink as much as it should, it also acknowledges the importance of health: about 90 % report that they know the benefits of health water and 77% know that not drinking enough can have negative effects on the body. Indeed, the 50% of Italians believe that poor hydration can adversely affect human health even in daily life, while 85% believe that, above all, poor drinking or sports can have detrimental effects on health.

Obviously - says Brignoli, the quantity varies according to factors such as age (for a child enough to drink about 1 liter), location of a place (those living in a cold environment will need to mix more water.) and lifestyle (those who play a lot of sports or work that lose water should drink again) ".
The idea of thirst is not always a sign of continuous water and the need to drink. In the elderly, for example,

thirst occurs when, for a time, the animal is red; in children, confusion or inability to express themselves (it is up to those who take care to prevent or reverse the symptoms of water deficiency). An Italian at C4 says he drinks less than a liter of water a day. Most above 55 men and women, although aware of the drawbacks of dehydration, tend to drink less than the average. Summer and heat require more hydration. It is not surprising that in the first place among the anti-inflammatory medicines approved by Italy, there is excessive drinking, which is used by about 70% of people, followed by avoiding going out during the hot summers (46%), eating more fruits and vegetables (40%) and cooling by exploring the atmosphere or fan (30% ).