Health Tips: Same with our homemade ones

Dr. NN Charya - one of the leading international astrological scholars. HYDERABAD - Phone:
9440611151 When the problem of illness arises, many medicines are swallowed.

But we have problems with our home. Let us look at some of them.

Grind the onion gently on the forehead and relieve the headache. Grind ginger jaggery powder, salami, pipili, pepper powder and reduce it quickly in a day. Drink the juice

, lemon juice and sugar two to three times a day. Neem, apricot, dill, and caramel have been shown to improve insulin function in people with diabetes.

Therefore, these should be used according to their respective seasons, if any. All of these can be found separately in the powder, if not fresh. They should be taken with a teaspoon daily and a teaspoon at night.

The antioxidants in it control the free radicals in the body. Prevent them from joining. Prevents the appearance of hair whitening at an early age and wrinkles on the skin. Skin diseases such as eczema can be reduced by mixing honey and cinnamon powder into the mix. Five or ten peppers are gently dried and mixed with sugar or ghee to relieve common cold, runny nose, sore throat, mouth soreness, sore throat, cough and fever. A tablespoon of honey mixed with half a tablespoon of ginger juice can help relieve the cold. This should be done thrice a day.