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How to deal with exercise and aerobic fitness

How to deal with exercise and aerobic fitness?



Walking is an easy, effective, and low-impact exercise that can be done in swimming pools, lakes, and even the ocean. Walking fast water is a great aerobic exercise, and the water allows you to be more resistant to air, so the water strengthens and strengthens the muscles while walking.


If you have a new exercise program,


Gradually increase the speed over several weeks, accumulating at least 20 minutes per second.


There is no need for special equipment for swimming, but the following are important:


Water shoes protect the feet and make them more flexible.

Screen gloves are more resistant to your hand movements.

The flotation belt stabilizes you, walks you deep, and floats where the ground doesn't touch your feet.

How to ride a waterway

You can stand in deep water with your abdominal muscles at the waist, pointing to the bottom of the tail, standing on your feet and shoulders, and keeping your chest slightly raised (neutral position). Walking in deep water in the chest is an exercise with more resistance and more load.


Go to the ground, raise your legs, put your heels down, and follow the ball of your feet. Keep experimenting.


Go in eight steps and then tune different muscle groups in four stages.

When walking, put your relatively straight arms back and forth. Rotate your hand to make it disappear.


Slowly use your hands and feet. With your right foot, bring your left hand forward and vice versa.

Changes in the water course

Lifting above the knees increases the intensity of the exercise.


Take short steps, long steps, medium steps, or step-by-step forward and backward.

Move in a circle or square pattern. You need to go for both in order to balance your physical needs.


When I was ready to increase my energy, I had to take very large, controlled steps, pushing with my hind legs to push up on the forward foot platform.


Water step tips

As with any aerobic exercise, start with a warm, cool finish. It is easy to soak in water to prevent overheating.

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