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To have good health care

Goal 3 - To have good health care


We have already achieved considerable success in combating lethal diseases. Human life expectancy has increased significantly, and maternal and child mortality has declined and has reduced the incidence of HIV and malaria.


Good health is essential for sustainable development.

The 2030 Plan reflects the complexity and relevance of health and development. Increasing economic and social inequality; Rapid urbanization; Threats to the climate and environment; The aim is to address the burden of HIV and other infectious diseases and the rise of non-communicable diseases. Overall health coverage is required to meet SDG Goal 3; It is crucial to end poverty and reduce inequality. There is also a need to address global health priorities that are not explicitly included in SDGs, including Antimicrobial resistance.


However, the world is moving in the right direction for the success of SDGs in health. Progress is inconsistent across countries and within countries. The gap between the world's longest and shortest countries is 31 years. Some countries have impressive profits, though On average, many were left behind. All sections Rights-based and Gender Negative priorities are essential to addressing inequality and building good health for all.


Facts and Statistics

400 million

400 million people in the world do not have basic health care; 40% live without social protection.


1.6 billion

More than 1.6 billion people live in fragile conditions and the country's inability to provide basic health services is a major challenge for global health.


15 million

By the end of 2019, 21.7 million people living with HIV received antiretroviral therapy. But more than 15 million people are still waiting for treatment.

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