Try these 12 useful things for good health

1  . Make sure to take some time out for yourself and go for a walk in the morning. Half the problems will be solved.

2. Every age has its own problems. After 40 years, regular checkups should be done every year so that the disease can be known only in the initial stage.

3. Eat regular food, vegetable-fruit, milk-yogurt. Take it not only for the family but also for yourself.

4. Do not ignore breakfast in the heat of morning work.

5. Instead of taking stress on finding out any disease, take regular medicines, follow the instructions of the doctor and avoid them. Make the mind strong and do not let disease dominate you.

6. Stop taking stress. Stress of small matters, whether it is a job problem or financial, physical solution. By taking stress, the problem will not go away, find your solution and invest your energy in dealing with it.

7. Instead of tolerating any pain or problem, get it diagnosed by a doctor instead of becoming an example of tolerance.

8. Share your feelings, give expression, feel light and happy.

9. Try to keep the mind calm and the mind happy.

10. Always keep the heart full of positive thinking and energy and happiness, only then the whole body will be healthy and do not let the negative thoughts in the mind go in vain.

11. Keep giving yourself the message of 'I am fine', 'I can do everything', 'All will be good' every moment.

12. Even if everything goes well, if you are disturbed, frustrated, depressed, it is better to constantly think about it and accept it as a part and part of your life easily.