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5 beauty products that we use incorrectly

5 beauty products that we use incorrectly


Beauty products have a positive effect if you use them according to the rules. In many cases, improper use can lead to worse results and can lead to serious skin problems and problems.


1. You use a special towel every day to remove makeup

It is convenient to use to remove makeup, but if you use it often, it will irritate the skin. There may be redness, rash, and scars.


2. Serum / serum application alone does not work


Serum can be applied before applying moisturizer and it is better if you do it in the evening. Use retinol-containing serum. It is more effective and makes the skin more radiant.


3. Use a dry sponge to apply the cosmetic product


Cosmetologists recommend using a wet sponge. This way the cream fits better on the skin, in addition, the dry sponge absorbs a lot of tones and is uneconomical.


4. The concealer and concealer are different things


Many people think that these two products of beauty are one and the same thing, but they are actually different and have a completely different purpose. The concealer can be used only close to the eye, while the concealer has the function of hiding imperfections on the skin.


5. Remove the mask before it touches your face.

Facial masks have their own rules of use. They cannot be left on overnight. This can cause serious problems on the face. For example, you should rinse off the clay mask before it dries and apply on the face. Rinse when you feel slightly damp.

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